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Main Cities


Antica Latteria (Via San Matteo 19; tel./ fax 0577 941952; prolocsg@tin.it) Ancient family-run shop located in the historic heart, selling traditional Tuscan products.


Beconcini G & L (Piazza L. Pecori 3; info@beconcini.com, www.beconcini.com) Typical Tuscan hand painted ceramics. Online shopping is available.


Nuova Bristot SRL (Via di Fugnano 20; tel. 0577 940506 , fax 0577 906740;
 info@nuovabristot.com) Since 1929 delectable cakes which honour the way the Tuscans used to get by with few ingredients in former and hard times. Cookies, cantuccini, ricciarelli, Christmas cakes, Shortcrust and almond paste, panforte, cavallucci and all the traditional Sienese cakes.


Caffe I Combattenti (Via San Giovanni, 124; tel. 0577 940391; prolocsg@tin.it) Since 1924 bar, café and ice parlour in the inside of San Gimignano selling among other delights the award winning ice cream called Ricciarello di Siena. More delights are panforte, cantucci, nocini and ricciarelli, the traditional Sienese cakes and Pistilli di Zafferano made from sangimignanesi saffron. Also here are sandwiches, crepes and garlic toasted bread, Chianti, DOC Vernaccia wines and vintage grappa.


Casa & Cose (Via San Giovanni 99; tel. 0577 942116; prolocsg@tin.it) House-wares and hand crafted olive wood pieces to buy and give located on the thoroughfare. Presents.


Il Girasole (Via Tamagni 14b; tel. 0577 941696, 0577 950113; ilgirasolefiori@email.it; closed Sun afternoon) Presents, flower decorations, flowers and indoor plants for weddings, china, perfumed candles, glass goblets and crystal flowers. Delivery.
Foto Fontanelli SNC (Piazza Duomo 11; tel./fax 0577 940351; fotofontanelli@libero.it) Guide books, photography, postcards and posters.


Gelateria di Piazza (Piazza della Cisterna 4; tel. 0577 942244; sergio@gelateriadipiazza.com) Ice-cream. 


I Ninnoli (Via San Matteo 3; tel./fax 0577 943011; ininnoli@libero.it, www.ininnolisangimignano.com) Palate bending farm products such as olive oil, wine, salami from pork and cinghiale (wild boar) meat seasoned and prepared following the traditional Tuscan recipes.


La Buca di Montauto (Via San Giovanni 16; tel. 0577 940407; www.labucadimontauto.com; info@labucadimontauto.com) Typical Tuscan products such as olive oil, wine and salumi.


Leoncini (Via San Giovanni 60-64; tel. 0577 942086, Fax 0577 907542;
info@leoncini-italy.com; www.leoncini-italy.com) Ceramics shop.


Lazzerini (Via San Giovanni 90; tel./fax  0577 942025) Gold pieces, Etruscan copies, . filigree works, handcrafted works, costume jewellery, handcrafted fittings, alabaster works, alabaster powder and synthetic resin (stonelite) figures, bronze products, silver handcrafted items and Murano glassware.


Pasticceria Lucia & Maria (Via San Matteo 55; tel. 0577 940379; prolocsg@tin.it) Pastry shop selling recently made cakes, pastries, cantucci, almond biscuits,  "il Mandorlato delle Torri" almond cake or special ice cream that can served in the tea room or outdoors. Delivery.


Zeta Project (Piazza delle Erbe 13; tel. 0577 907002; zetaprojectsangimignano@yahoo.it)Arts and crafts, ceramics, design, silver jewellery and accessories.
ST.G (Via Cellolese 3D; tel./Fax 0577 955606; www.st-g.it, info@sg-t.it) Boutique of Italian design.